Best Winning Blackjack Strategy

Unbeknownst to most entry level players whom are new to the popular game of Blackjack, the game can be beaten with a Best Winning Blackjack Strategy. Many of the most popular and effective Blackjack strategy, however, are highly complicated as well as well guarded. So, for the edification of those dedicated students of the game, many of the most popular strategies have been included below.

Best Winning Blackjack Strategies

– Golden Eagle Blackjack Strategy

This particular betting strategy has a long history of success and is very easy to implement. To begin with all the player has to do is bet on the 2 to 1 slots on the roulette wheel. This works extremely well due to the mathematically consistence nature of the game of roulette. Buy in for this strategy is only 8 chips and requires a scant bankroll of only 64 chips.

– Silver Tiger Blackjack Strategy

This strategy is, just like it’s similarly titled Blackjack strategy, is a much more aggressive tactic than the aforementioned sequence and revolves around the even number slots. Additionally it is even cheaper to commit to than the aforementioned tactic.

Golden Eagle Blackjack Strategy

The Best Winning Blackjack strategy known as Golden Eagle Blackjack Strategy is one of the most well known and flexible Blackjack strategies currently going. However, the Golden Eagle Blackjack Strategy is highly complicated and requires a deep understanding of mathematics and a good memory for proper sequencing. The Golden Eagle Blackjack strategy can be used both offensively and defensively, with the attack betting sequencing being used to accumulate big gains whilst the defense betting sequencing allows the player to rapidly recoup their investment. One of the thing which makes the Golden Eagle strategy so appealing and popular is it’s low buy in cost of 22 chips and a bankroll need of only 110 chips.

Silver Tiger Blackjack Strategy

The best winning Blackjack strategy, Silver Tiger is somewhat less versatile than the Golden Eagle technique but no less useful for it’s more specialized uses. The Silver Tiger Blackjack strategy focuses solely on aggression and thus can make gains far faster than the previously mentioned technique, but, by that same token it is also a more dangerous strategy as it is far easier to lose big gains. With that said, the risk in the Silver Tiger Blackjack Strategy is often worth the relatively low buy in cost. Silver Tiger Blackjack Strategy typically requires 16 chips.

Other Blackjack Strategies:

– Basic Blackjack Strategy

Sometimes the best winning Blackjack strategy one can have is simpler than special techniques, especially if one is bad with numbers and low on funds. Therefore, one should always learn the basics, for without a understanding of basic card strategy these advanced techniques are useless. Blackjack strategy charts are highly recommended.

– Martingale Blackjack Strategy

One of the oldest Blackjack strategies is Martingale, which utilizes probability to enhance net gains. Basic Martingale blackjack strategies entail making the same bet after winning a hand. So if you bet five and win then you bet five again, lose and bet ten, that way your gains are maximized.

– Blackjack Card Counting Strategy

This best winning Blackjack strategy is the simplest, yet hardest, technique to learn as it requires quick thinking and good mathematical memory. However, once master, your chances of winning will skyrocket!